Pastor's Welcome

I have been Pastor for 15 years, now. Let me share with you what I enjoy most about this great and growing church.

First, this church body loves God’s Word. It is a joy to lead a congregation that feasts upon the Scriptures during the week in personal worship and devotion time. These men and women, boys and girls, come expecting to hear from God. My prayer is the power of God is released into their lives.

Second, this church body loves Jesus Christ. We are presently and eternally thankful to our Savior and Lord who loved all of us enough to suffer, die, and pay for our sin on the Cross.  You can experience Jesus’ forgiveness today, too. I’d love to help you receive Him.

Third, this church body loves the truth. They realize that when we recognize the depth and depravity of our personal sin, then we can honestly appreciate and be thankful for the magnificent, over-coming blood of Jesus Christ.  The Gospel applied to life is so satisfying. And God-glorifying.

Finally, this church body thrives with its strong personal relationships. The first and foremost personal relationship is with our Savior, Jesus Christ, by faith. The Bible says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9).  We also develop strong relationships with each other outside the church.

If you are seeking to meet great people on a personal level and if you are looking for a church where you can make an eternal contribution to the Kingdom of God, welcome home! We literally are a church where dozens of people will know you in just one visit.

So, I invite you to be our guest this Sunday. Our Bible Study time is 9:00 am and our Worship time is 10:15 am.  We also have Spanish Worship at 9:00 am and Spanish Bible Study a 10:15 am. I look forward to personally meeting you.  Bruce

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Come Join Us

If you are looking for a church where you can get to know great people on a personal level, and, if you are looking for a church where you can invest your time, talent, and resources in the Kingdom of God—welcome home! If you want to belong to a church where everyone will know your name, come and be our guest this Sunday. Our worship times are 9:00 am (Spanish) and 10:15 am (English).

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